Health Insurance

24 hour hot lineconsiders day and night medical consultation by phone and organization of the medical services. Through the hot line you will be able to receive the information about volume of services considered by your insurance policy and about the rules of using the policy

Family doctor - considers consultation of a general practitioner, organization of the medical service, visitation of clients’ residential places in case of necessity and a constant monitoring of the health condition.

Auto Insurance

You will be able to ensure your vehicle from following insurance risks: external damage (car accident), fire, explosion, damage incurred from the natural hazards and disasters,

Property Insurance

The service package offered by Insurance Company “TAO” considers saving the property from such risks, as:   Theft, robbery, burglary;

Intentional injury of the property by third parties;

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance considersCompensating the expenses of the emergency medical service of the travelers.Insuring the luggage.Multi-policy.

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