Insuring cargos and shipment agent responsibilities

Unpredicted events may incur serious material loss and consequently serious financial difficulties may arise in your company. The negative consequences caused by the unpleasant event are especially apparent during transportation of the cargos. This is why insuring cargo gives you the opportunity to avoid the material loss arisen from the unpredicted risks.
Insuring cargos considers compensating the value of cargo in case of its full or partial destruction. The insurance also considers transportation of cargo by any kind of transportation means. Terms of transporting cargos are regulated by the conditions of insuring cargos by the Insurance Institute of London.   

List of the insurance risks includes:

In the event of the loss considered by the terms of insurance, Insurance Company “TAO” ensures regulation of the loss completely complying with the obligations considered in the agreement; the company will assist you in the event of loss and in case of necessity, will ensure experts consultation service for you.

Insuring responsibility of the shipment agent considers: In case of concern, you may fill in the application form or may call for the company’s agent to your office.