Property Insurance

Insurance Company “TAO” offers the clients to insure their property from different risks, which, in most cases, seriously affect their activity, destroy the property which has been accumulated for years and hinder the life progressive processes. Insurance Company “TAO” offers the clients to compensate the loss incurred from such risks by means of a specially worked out insurance mechanism.

Insurance Risks

The service package offered by Insurance Company “TAO” considers saving the property from such risks, as:


The service package offered by Insurance Company “TAO” considers:

Insuring of the immovable property (buildings, constructions), insuring such buildings and constructions in complex as well as in their separate architectural and constructive parts;
Insuring of the movable property (devices, machines and etc).
Material interests of the client shall be fully protected by insuring against the risks mentioned above, which considers compensation of the loss incurred to the property of the insured person by the insurance company during the risk factors, which accordingly ensures restoration (purchasing, repairing) of the property to its initial condition. 
Except the mentioned scopes, other expenses can also be taken into consideration by the client’s wish, namely:    
The expenses for cleaning the place where the loss has taken place;
The expenses for transporting and protecting the part of the property which has survived from the damage (undamaged);

Insurance period is defined in terms of not less than 12 months.
Insurance money is defined according to the market value of the property at the moment of concluding the agreement on the basis of mutual agreement between the client and insurance company.
Insurance premium is defined by the client according to the insurance package (detailed insurance risks).
Value of franchise is defined on the basis of the mutual agreement between the client and insurance company.

Property insurance specialists of the Insurance Company “TAO” are ready, considering your interests, to help you choose property insurance package.

In case of concern, you may:

- Use the telephone consultation;
- Call for the agent to your office for concluding the agreement;
-  Purchase insurance policy in the office of Insurance Company “TAO”.