Car Insurance

Car insurance of the insurance company “TAO” LTD offers you a safety package for you and your car. 
1. You will be able to ensure your vehicle from following insurance risks: external damage (car accident), fire, explosion, damage incurred from the natural hazards, also from such risks, as theft, robbery, burglary.

The insurance premium is defined – from 4% of the insurance amount.
Franchise (non-compensable minimum which the insurance company is not liable for) is defined – by 10% of the loss, $150 minimum.
2. Besides, we offer you insurance from the civil court cases against the third person when driving the insured vehicle (except the authorized driver of the insured vehicle and its passengers).

3. The company also offers you insurance of the driver and passengers against the accident when driving the vehicle insured by the authorized driver.

So, when purchasing a full package of the above mentioned insurance products, you will be guaranteed with maximal protection of your interests.

Besides, the company offers you:


Company’s auto insurance specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the auto insurance program relevant to your interests.

In case of concern, you may:

Use the consultation by the telephone on the number: you may call for the insurance agent to your office for concluding the agreement and may purchase auto insurance policy in the offices of insurance company “TAO” and “TAOPRIVATBANK”.


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