Health Insurance

Insurance Company “TAO” offers you corporative insurance of health for employees and their family members.

24 hour hot lineconsiders day and night medical consultation by the telephone and organization of the medical service. Through the hot line you will be able to get the information about volume of services considered by your insurance policy and about the rules of using the policy.

Family doctor - considers consultation of the general practitioner, organization of the medical service, visiting residential places of the clients in case of necessity and a constant monitoring of the health condition.

Preventive examinations - considers medical preventive examination.

Emergency medical aid - considers calling for special medical brigade for the medical aid, emergency medical aid, and transportation from the place of occurrence to the medical institution.

Ambulatory service – considers service of the qualified medical personnel, compensating the expenses for the ambulatory and instrumental examinations appointed by the doctor.

Medicine – considers compensation of the expenses incurred for purchasing the medicine appointed by the family doctor or by the limited profile doctor.

Hospital service – considers organizing the hospital service and ensuring emergency and daily hospital service for the ensured person.

Pregnancy/childbirthconsiders consultation of the doctor, compensation of the expenses incurred for the laboratory and instrumental examinations during pregnancy. Compensation of the expenses incurred for natural childbirth or for delivering a child by cesarean section.

Dental service – considers compensation of the expenses incurred for emergency dental care (extraction of tooth, diagnostic radiography, anaesthetization) and dental therapy (dental consultation, therapy treatment of tooth, filling a tooth, diagnostic radiography, cleaning).

Wish you a healthy life!